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As a professionally trained coach, Madelyn works with people to uncover what they want for themselves or their businesses. With a unique ability to see connections, Madelyn draws upon her extensive media and management background to cut through the clutter.  She founded Satori Coaching in 2011.   To learn more about Madelyn, please click on the LinkedIn button.

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Developing Career Courage

Have you come to the end of your rope at work?  Has your relationship with the person you report to deteriorated to the point where you cringe, groan, wince, when you see an email or a phone call for him or her?   

When we get to that point, we often start looking around to see what other opportunities are out there.  In our misery we forget that we owe it to ourselves to try to sort through what is going on and our role in the workplace relationship breakdown.  

If you’re that unhappy with your employer, chances are your manager is equally dissatisfied with your performance.   The good news is that you do have choices:

The first choice is to “do nothing”.  If you choose that option then the consequence is that life becomes inexplicably uncomfortable and unhappy.  As you trudge through the days you continue to attract the other negative people in the workplace hoping that either the “boss” disappears or you’re given a package.

The next option is to try to find another job.  However, if part of the problem rests with you and unaddressed issues – the same drama will follow you to the next job.

The third option is to pony-up.   Be courageous and take ownership of your problems.  Talk to you manager about how you’re feeling and what’s going on for you in the workplace.   When you show this kind of workplace courage you’re taking an active role in either saving your job and being happier in the workplace or deciding it’s not the place for you.  Either way – you’re no longer a victim.

If you’d like to have a conversation about workplace courage, give me a call for a no obligation coaching conversation.

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